New York Health Department Endorses Gloryhole As A Safe Way To Have Sex During Covid Pandemic

We already recommended Gloryholes as a safe measure back a few months - now we got confirmation from a public health service - how amazing is that!

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You might not believe this. But I have downloaded the PDF from the official site at the New York Health Department and you can also download it here at my blog - The Official Health Department of New York recommends Gloryhole Sex as official measure to protect yourself during this difficult times...

Glorenthal Holeyfields Mission Statesment: Why the #gloryholemovement?

A Little Insight Why Some Gloryhole Enthusiast Took On The Mammoth Task He Can't Stem Alone

Watch My 30-Seconds #gloryholemovement Mission Statement:

I have written about it in my books but I will put a quick summary here on this blog.

My passion for Gloryhole started already as an early teenager where I did fantasize about anonymous sex between walls with other guys and men. I was clueless that something like that existed in real life. This was way before the Internet in 1980.

Fast forward after me becoming an Internet marketing expert and a book author. It felt only natural to me after discovering that there is a global worldwide movement with thousands of people doing the same: setting up their private Gloryholes to experience exiting anonymous sex with men that otherwise would never turn up at your door step.

I wanted to ...

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The Man The World Calls A Gloryhole Tried To Shut Down My Gloryhole Network: Donald Trump

How His Half-Baked-Anti-Sex-Laws almost Killed The #Gloryholemovent

gloryhole mouth (copyrighted picture)
donald trump gloryhole

Image Credits: REVOLTDESIGN.ORG | Copyright and Trademark by Matt Bonner

This will be the only blog post I will write about Donald Trump ever. Because he does not deserve any more attention than he already has gotten through his outrageous irresponsible, self-centered and psychopathic show that tries to suck every single human being on earth into his circle of influence. I have to write this blog post however to explain why my #gloryholemovement network was almost closed down completely towards the end of 2019 after...