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However I see and feel that the constant consumption and creation of even "home-made" porn keeps many people away from enjoying the real thing. And that is my mission.

Helping more men to enjoy anonymous sex at private Gloryholes worldwide. And yes, I run my own local traveling Gloryhole as well.

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Why The "Meet Now Or Never" Mentality Is A Big Brainfuck

This is not a special “Gloryhole Dating” problem, it applies to all online dating. I am talking about the philosophy of "I am online now, I want to have sex now" nonsense. I find it entertaining and annoying at the same time.

I get it. You are probably busy with your life and do not want to spend hours in dating apps searching for guys you can meet for real. So some people came up to adopt this stupid philosophy stating in their profile and in the chat itself that they want to meet either “NOW or NEVER”.

In fact I know that the companies behind most dating app ENFORCE actually this kind of thinking, because it is for their business benefit, not YOURS as looking for a real date. It is actually counter intuitive because those apps promise to meet someone “that is online right now” and then they want to keep you online as long as possible for their profit.

The fact is that you need much more time in finding real encounters with this “NOW or NEVER” philosophy and it will waste your time more than you realize.

  • People online “now” are often really horny and they might even plan to leave their place to meet someone else. They very often end up jerking off to the chat and cum and never will go anywhere. Often they block you after you talk with them.
  • People who think to meet “now” do not understand that the chance to have someone being around “now” that matches their sex profile 100% is VERY unlikely and those people are frustrated because they have unrealistic expectations that are often not met. They call most often others “fake” because they are not available within the next 30 or 60 Minutes.
  • If you want to know if someone is genuine and real, make an appointment to speak with them at a specific time and see what will happen next. Most people will forget about their promise and will not show up in the app. You saved a lot of time. The ones that do show up are a good candidate to meet for real. Listen to their excuses or promises. You can tell within a short period of several days if someone is fake.
  • People keep forgetting that on many apps there are PAID operators that work for keeping people online and NOT meeting each other. If you cry “FAKE” and only think about private users messing around, think again. Apps are run by companies that need to make money - the longer you are online, the more ads you see and the more is being earned!
  • Tips to save yourself time finding REAL genuine dates:

  • Never rely on talking/meeting one person only. You need to talk to many, many guys and establish a routine or strategy to talk to as many people in the shortest time possible without sounding like a robot.
  • Try to balance out the guys who want to meet “now” with meeting them in a few days ahead. Do not plan TOO far ahead of course. Verly people actually would contact you within 1-2 weeks, but if you make it in a smart short time window (look at the work days and weekend days to make it realistic!)
  • Do not keep people “begging to answer”. If people will not contact you as promised they are not interested or have other reasons they will not tell you.
  • Be flexible in what you are looking for. Often people you meet for real are cuter than you think. Talk is cheap, in the end meeting someone within a short period is still the king.
  • Develop a simple routine with saved text messages that are short but personal and communicate that you value others people time and want to meet for real.
  • Remember: Life is not “black and white” so I actually DO MEET people often “right now” if I happen to in an app. But it is more a hit and miss if I have someone that I never spoke before. On the other hand I do not need to talk and chat with people for weeks or months to meet, that is the other stupid extreme.

    Here is the bonus brain fuck for you:

    People who are genuine are sometimes logged in as online and available but will not respond because: they are having REAL sex at the very moment. It amazes me always when I organize mini-orgies or open my Gloryhole locally that people do not understand the fact. If you are online and looking for “now” you will miss out if block or remove a person that is NOT answering “RIGHT AWAY”, not because they are a fake, but because they are real and actually having sex (especially if they look for a threesome or more).

    In the end patience and being well organized helps a lot. People who look for instant results and gratification are usually the ones that get less of it because of the fallacy they believe in.

    Also: BIG TIME insight - people who think "Right NOW or NEVER" are often very self-centered. It takes two to have sex. You should consider realizing that the other person might want to meet with you, but not on your unrealistic expectations that it needs to happen "RIGHT NOW".

    How do I organize my real encounters as a private Gloryhole?

  • I have a website someone needs to visit and read the rules.
  • I make people fill out a form before I actually respond.
  • Only if someone actually reads and responds with a filled out questionnaire I will personally contact them back.
  • I ask for a small commitment for example in sharing hotel costs to further qualify possible participants.
  • I use a calendar to confirm meetings
  • Yes it is a lot more work, but it will get real results in having amazing sex adventures.

    Try my system for yourself: